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America’s Cup World Series from 9 to 11 September, 2016

Save the dates! From 9 to 11 September 2011, a big event is under way: the America’s Cup World of sailing in Toulon!

Toulon is the first and only French stop of a major event. This is the first time a French city hosts one of the preliminary stages of Louis Vuitton America’s Cup World Series (LVACWS). The circuit includes the six contenders for the America’s World Cup.

The English, the French, the New Zealander, the Swedish and the Japanese will compete in the waters of the Toulon harbor.

A sporting weekend in the Gulf of Saint Tropez!

The races, broadcast on giant screens, will be held from 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. In order to make this event a festive and spectacular moment, Toulon and its surroundings offer numerous cultural and sports activities, both at sea and on land. During these three days, the entire city will feel the rythm of the Americas’s Cup World Series. On the beach of Mourillon, there will be a lot of entertainment and the local know-how will be honored.

This even taking place in Toulon from 9 to 11 September 2016 will be an opportunity to gather sailing enthusiasts and a wider audience to support the French Groupama Team.

Where to stay during the America’s Cup World Series?

Located just a few kilometers from Toulon, your 4 and 3-star hotels and Residence invite you to stay by the sea. On this occasion, book your accommodation in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. With the breathtaking view of the accommodations, you will see the races off.

The America’s Cup is the oldest sporting trophy in the world, played for the first time in 1851 and held every 4 years. So do not miss this event unique!

A summer under the sign of entertainment in the Gulf of St.Tropez!

This summer, enjoy the various activities offered in the Gulf of St. Tropez!

This year, summer holidays are under the sign of entertainment! The municipalities of the Gulf of St. Tropez offer sports activities, shows, concerts in unique places and many festivals.

Focus on your summer Mondays!
Why would you not enjoy the free zumba classes on monday evenings in Cavalaire ? After a working day or after a good day of sight-seeing, there is nothing better than stretching our legs on rythmic music. Enjoyable atmosphere guaranteed!

In July, from 15 to 30, do not miss the evenings of the Citadel of Saint Tropez. The citadel, the landmark of the city, will be the scene of many shows and concerts for 15 days. The music will invest this historic building with Louane, Christophe Willem, Chico & the Gypsies, Maître Gims and many more! Tickets on sale here.

In Grimaud, discover the Festival of Grimaldines. Every Tuesday, from July 16 to August 19, 2016! This year, the festival of Grimaldines celebrates women, artists, musicians, singers, comedians, acrobats and women from all over the world, women are freed borders, driven by their creativity, their desire to share.”

In Cogolin, enjoy a variety of shows, concerts and events at the Festival “Terre et Mer” (Land and Sea) in July and August. Many artists will stage to interpret the best-known songs as the most secret.

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Flyboard® European Championship in Cavalaire: it’s new and it’s close to home!

On the occasion of the Flyboard® European Championship in Cavalaire, stay at Le Domaine du Bailli. You can choose between a 4-star Hotel, a 3-star Hotel or a holiday home by the sea.

The Flyboard® European Championship, it’s this weekend!

This is a first in the area: the city of Cavalaire-Sur-Mer will host the first European competition. From 10 to 12 June 2016, come to see the most beautiful figures of the best international riders above the water.

The Flyboard is a curious device allowing experts to be propelled over the water with force. Flyboard lovers will be pleased to make you discover the sport sensations at the Flyboard® European Championship in Cavalaire.

This system fixed to the back of the rider allows him to fly and control his flying, up to 10 meters.
Show and sensations guaranteed: what can make you dizzy!

Located not far from Cavalaire, the accommodations of Le Domaine du Bailli welcome you on this occasion. In Le Domaine du Bailli, the comfort is not optional! Located by the sea in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, the hotels and residence offer all the necessary equipment to meet your needs: spacious rooms with sea or garden views, choice of restaurants, spa, swimming pool, private beach, etc.

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Vespa World Days, it’s close to home !

You have already planned to spend some times in the Gulf of Saint Tropez ? So, do not miss the Vespa World Days!

The Vespa World Days is a legendary event! An appointment that occurs in France every 15 years. From 2 to 5 June 2016, 5000 Vespas are expected in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez: vintage, modern, all cubages and even Vespa cars. Do not miss it!

The Vespa World Days is an opportunity to discover the Var otherwise! Var in Vespa.. The Var on an Italian scooter…

Follow your guide driving your Vespa scooter and enjoy what the region has to offer!

Discover the beautiful landscapes of the coast or of the hinterland. 6 tours are available, from 50 to 130 kilometers: the Gulf of Saint-Tropez (50km), Upper Saint-Tropez (50km), Land and Sea (89km), Massif des Maures (80km), Col des Maures (102km), Esterel (130km).

Walk along the coastline between land and sea or take unexpected routes through a wild and beautiful nature, forests… The tours are interspersed with visits and local tastings.

The Vespa World Days? It’s also a wide range of entertainment: petanque competitions and an “Elegance contest”. For more information on the Vespa World Days , please visit the following website:

And if you made a stopover in Vespa in Rayol Canadel?

If you plan to discover this small village in the Gulf of Saint Tropz on a Vespa, you have to stop at Le Domaine du Bailli.
Our restaurants will be pleased to welcome you for a lunch break or for a relaxing moment by the sea. You can choose from a fine restaurant overlooking the sea, a beach restaurant with fish specialties or the restaurant located near the pool if you choose a greedy snack.

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The photo competition of Le Domaine du Rayol

On the occasion of your stay at Le Domaine du Bailli, participate in the photo competition of Le Domaine du Rayol. The Domaine du Rayol invites you to discover the original garden located in a protected natural park in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez.

The Domaine du Rayol, an extraordinary garden

Located on the Corniche des Maures, the Domaine du Rayol takes you on journeys throughout the Mediterranean landscapes of the world. After spring comes summer! The plants bloom in the sun and heat, which makes the Garden of Rayol even brighter and more pleasant to visit.
20ha! You have so much to do your best shot! Stroll in the heart of this huge garden and do your best photo to participate in the photo competition proposed by the Domaine du Rayol.

Photo competition : the landscapes of the Mediterranean Gardens 

Whether you are amateurs, enthusiasts and professionals, post your best photo of Le Domaine du Rayol, on the theme of the landscapes of the Mediterranean Gardens, until 5 June 2016.

To participate in the photo competition of Le Domaine du Rayol, take the best photography of the domain and post it on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter with the hashtag #concoursdomainedurayol, citing the account name @ domainedurayol and try to win prizes …

List of lots for the price of Internet users:

  • 1 day at the Domaine du Rayol with entrance to the garden and lunch at Le Café Gardeners for two, valid for 1 year
  • 2 subscriptions for unlimited access to the Mediterranean Gardens, valid for 1 year
  • 1 book “The Mediterranean Gardens” edition Aubanel + 1 notebook of visit richly illustrated “Discovering the Mediterranean Gardens”

List of lots for the price of the jury (jury of the Domaine du Rayol team):

  • 1 dayof workshop & training for a person to choose from our selection 2016, valid for 1 year
  • 2 subscriptions for unlimited access to the Mediterranean Gardens, valid for 1 year
  • 1 family entrance (2 adults and minor children), valid for 1 year

This photo competition of Le Domaine du Rayol is available via the official Facebook profile of Le Domaine or on Feel free to consult the rules of the game and all the instructions for participation.

We invite you to extend the enjoyment of these beautiful blooms by staying at Les Terrasses du Bailli. Our 3-star Hotel – Les Terrasses du Bailli – offers a getaway to Le Domaine du Rayol : package of 2 nights with breakfast based on 2 people maximum including a VIP welcome and 2 tickets for the Garden. From your hotel, you can get there on foot to take the most beautiful picture of the Mediterranean Gardens.

Feel free to enjoy the various special offers of our 3 establishments.

Do not miss Les Voiles Latines of Saint Tropez from 26 to 29 May 2016

Le Domaine du Bailli invites you to stay in one of its 3 accommodations for Les Voiles of Saint Tropez. From 26 to 29 May 2016, over 60 traditional boats will dock the old port of the city.

Do you know Les Voiles Latines of Saint Tropez?

Les Voiles Latines of Saint Tropez is a unique event for the lovers of sailing. This regatta is the French step of a Mediterranean circuit where the most traditional boats have to be discovered.

On the occasion of this regatta, from 26 to 29 May 2016, both enthusiasts and curious will be pleased to see the Pointus, Felouques, Gozzo, Tartanon, Tarquié and the Catalan boards in the old port of Saint Tropez. This is an opportunity to realize the rich heritage that has the country on the Mediterranean coast.

Italy, Spain and Tunisia will also be honored.
Italy will host for the first time the Pisan Enlightenment, the Luminara. You will be amazed by the illuminated facades of the buildings.
Always faithful, the Catalan delegation will be present with the Boutifanfare that will animate the streets of the old city.
And Tunisia will make us travel throught its maritime history and generous cuisine.

The program of this new edition will be rich both at sea and ashore!

A lot of entertainment are offered during Les Voiles of Saint Tropez: sale of quality local produce, food, workshops for children and adults, art exhibition, presentation of trades related to sailing and shipbuilding, in the presence of French, Italian and Tunisian artisans. All sailing enthusiasts will be invited to board the “Tartane Saint-Troupès”.

On the occasion of Voiles Latines of Saint Tropez, Le Domaine du Bailli, located just a few kilometers from Saint Tropez, welcomes you with family or friends. Our team is at your disposal for any inquiries about your stay in Rayol Canadel. Feel free to contact us by phone, by email or through our online contact form.

Photo credit: official website of Saint-Tropez

Do not miss La Bravade de Saint Tropez from 16 to 18 may 2016

This weekend in St. Tropez, this is the meeting place of the inhabitants. La Bravade de Saint Tropez takes up residence this weekend!

La Bravade de Saint Tropez is the exemplary demonstration of the commitment of “Tropéziens” to their glorious military past and their deep devotion to their Saint Patron.

The city celebrates during 3 days their loyalty to its protector. This old Provencal tradition has a dual origin. Both religious and military, La Bravade de Saint Tropez, gathers the inhabitants every 16,17 and 18 May, and that for over 450 years.

Dressed in ancient costumes, people from Saint Tropez wander the streets and alleys of the city for 3 days. Blunderbuss, powder, procession, masses constitute the major part of this unique festival program. Download the complete program of La Bravade de Saint Tropez.

On the occasion of La Bravade de Saint Tropez, stay in one of our three accommodations in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. Located not far from the city, Le Domaine du Bailli welcomes you in a completely different setting, where you can relax for a weekend, for a short break or for longer holiday. Le Domaine du Bailli, located between land and sea, invites you to serenity.

Feel free to contact us by phone at +33 (0)4 98 04 47 00 or by email for more information.

Holidays in Saint Tropez: stay informed of the events

Stay informed of the events in the region. If you stay at Le Domaine du Bailli, you’ll access easily to all the events, activities, festivals, shows, etc.

In summer, the Gulf of Saint Tropez offers many activities for children and adults.

Holidays in Saint Tropez?

There are entertainment for adults and kids

During the Ascension week, take your children to the carnival of Saint-Maur in Cogolin. From 5 to 8 May 2016 on the Place Victor Hugo, find a dozen of rides and attractions: inflatables, bumper cars, duck fishing, train, frills, cotton candy …!

After the Eurocup 29er, organized in March by the Yacht Club of Cavalaire, it is the turn of the Ladies Cup (Coupe des Dames in French) to take up residence in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. From 5 to 8 May 2016, the Société Nautique de Saint-Tropez and its partner SFS organize the “Dames de Saint-Tropez”: a unique event where women take the helm of the most beautiful traditional yachts.

On land, the festivities bring together participants in a friendly atmosphere and the public can admire the yachts moored at the Port of Saint-Tropez. At sea, the races will compete for the trophy of the Ladies of Saint-Tropez (Coupe des Dames).

Looking for accommodation in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez to enjoy the events?
Choose from the 3 available accommodations at Le Domaine du Bailli: a holiday home rental, a 3-star hotel or 4-star hotel by the sea.

For all inquiries on your holidays in Saint-Tropez, please contact us by phone at +33 (0)4 98 04 47 00 or by mail to

Euro Festival Harley Davidson next to Le Domaine du Bailli

The fans of motorcycles have to stand ready! From April 28 to May 1, the fans of the legendary mechanic Harley Davidson will greatly enjoy.

With spring, days are longer, temperatures more comfortable, the sun comes out and the motorbike fans take out their gear to enjoy rides on their mounts. The bike is more than a passion.
And one can not speak about motorcycles without thinking Harley Davidson, this legendary moto.

Fans are given regularly visit to the most beautiful roads of our country. And from 28 April to 1 May, the rally will take place on the Gulf of Saint-Tropez. So, on the occasion of the Euro Festival Harley Davidson, you can discover the most beautiful models of this bike.

This bike is part of the heritage, and for some of you, the Harley Davidson is also a part of the legend of Saint-Tropez. We necessarily think of Johnny Hallyday or even Brigitte Bardot, life icon of the Gulf of Saint Tropez.
You will find yourself surrounded by fans of this mechanism, who will show you their passion.

Saint Tropez is only a short distance from Le Domaine du Bailli

And to live this unique experience, Le Domaine du Bailli invites you to stay in one of its three accommodations. You can stay in our 4-star, Le Bailli de Suffren in one of our 55 luxury rooms, or in our 3-star hotel, Les Terrasses du Bailli. For those who’d rather like a holiday home, La Residence du Bailli offers a quality service in a quiet environment.

By booking on our website, you are sure to pay the best available rate. For reservations, please contact us by phone at +33 (0) 4 98 04 47 00 or email.

Eurocup 29er, an international regatta in the Bay of Cavalaire

La Residence du Bailli, located in the heart of Le Domaine du Bailli, invites you to attend the International sailing regatta, the Eurocup 29er. This is an extraordinary show in the Bay of Cavalaire.

Eurocup 29er, an international regatta in the Bay of Cavalaire

Each year, Cavalaire welcomes the Eurocup 29er, an international regatta organized by the Yacht Club of Cavalaire. This event is part of boating regattas of the French Sailing Federation.
During this international event, more than 90 boats are expected in the Bay of Cavalaire: 2 sailors per crew, 10 nationalities and numerous coastal courses scheduled.

And 29er? What is it about?

The 29er is the little brother of the 49er. It is a dinghy of 4.40 meters long which is a springboard for the champions apprentices. Indeed, the 29er allows sporting and technical sailing to young crew who wish to dispute the Olympic Games on the 49er.

At the end of the week, the crews will train in the Bay of Cavalaire before playing the race for 3 days, from 25 to 28 March 2016. Enjoy a unique experience in the Bay of Cavalaire in attending the races of the Eurocup 29er!

Where to stay during the Eurocup 29er?

From 25 to 28 March 2016, La Residence du Bailli welcomes you to make this stop at the resort unforgettable. On this occasion, La Residence du Bailli invites you to stay in one of its apartments. The residence, located in the Gulf of Saint-Tropez, offers special rates for this race: 65 euros per night for a minimum stay of 3 nights.

For reservations, please contact us by phone at +33 (0)4 98 04 47 00 or by email.